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Hi there.

My name is Katie and I LOVE the fall. And the winter (at least the North Carolina winter). By the time summer FINALLY comes to an end, I cannot WAIT until there are days and days of cloudy weather. Rain is fine with me, as long as we can still do what we need to do in between the showers.

Dreary? Yes!

Cool/Cold/Cloudy? Yes!

Twisted? Maybe.

But in any case, it’s been my kinda day around these parts.

We woke up to rain. Drove to school in drizzle. Went to library time in a mist of cool. Spent the afternoon watching a little t.v. and playing inside and feeling great about it.

Oh. And I ran 4 miles. In said rain. And I’m talking half a mile into the run it started actually pouring.

And what did I do? I said..I’m already soaking wet…and I kept on truckin’.

Turning in 3.9 miles in 36 minutes.

Then I drank this:

IMG_0671(it’s tasty… and goes pretty well with chinese food and “When in Rome”)

and now will read this:

IMG_0672(it’s pretty good, and I have a HUGE stack of books to get to, so I must forge on…)

…and then I will pass out. Sooner than later, surely.

But it’s supposed to be cloudy, rainy and cool tomorrow when we wake up.

Who’s a happy girl? 


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Let me start by saying that I had all sorts of good intentions yesterday, mostly including yoga and/or a long walk. I will summarize my shortcomings by saying this: I did not involve myself in any exercise-like activities yesterday. I did a lot of moving around, cleaning, playing, laundry hauling, gardening…but nothing that actually involved putting on a sports bra and sweating for an hour.

And now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, we’ll move along!

If you missed my very short race recap, you can check it out here. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am half-way through my half marathon training- the race is NOVEMBER 7th!

I can hardly believe that the first week of school is over. But Hobbes, now, he is truly excited to be back at school.

IMG_0562 IMG_0564IMG_0565

…and as jealous as Finn looks about sitting in the car while Hobbes goes into school, he’s equally excited about the COOKIES that are inevitably made during the afternoons of some school days..

IMG_0567 IMG_0568IMG_0570IMG_0569

I have to say, this weekend absolutely flew by.

With no out-of-town football games to attend and no little-man soccer games, it still flew by. Really, without much to show for it.

Oh, except for that whole 10K thing. But when something starts at 8 a.m. and ends by 9-ish, it doesn’t remain too memorable in the grand scheme of kids and weekend things.

We did head out to our library’s annual book sale. Because I have an addiction to books, and my children seem to have inherited this true love. Thanks.

IMG_0581P1030156  P1030155   IMG_0575

$27 equaled 13 adult paperbacks, 1 adult hardcover, and 9 kiddo books.

I kid you not.


I felt like I was on a treasure hunt and could have wandered around the book stacks FOREVER and EVER! But instead, I had to get the boys back out into the sunshine. Plus, it was really fun/cute to watch Hobbes push Finn in the little umbrella stroller!

Oh. And Finn needed another cookie.


Also, he needs a haircut. But I am not ready for that, yet.

Later today I am starting the garden tear-down and running 4ish miles.

What are you up to?

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I am currently creating a brand new playlist for my 10K in the morning.

You heard me. My 10K.

Now, I know that I am well into the training for my 2nd half marathon, but it doesn’t really feel like it. And having said that, I am anxious about this race tomorrow. Mostly because last year I ran the 5K version of this same race, and I am pretty sure that it kicked my booty. Okay, I know it did.

Here is what I keep telling myself:

  1. Last week I ran 7 miles. It was rough, but I did it.
  2. In March I ran 13.1 miles.
  3. And I plan on doing it again in November.
  4. Races are fun.
  5. I *probably* won’t pee on myself. (probably not. 99% sure)
  6. As long as I finish, it’s a success. (I am not sure I feel that way anymore, I secretly have a goal time and that’s probably what is stressing me out)
  7. It will be more fun than just a plain-old long run, which I was going to have to do anyway.

Don’t I sound like a runner? I feel a little off with the running thing, but maybe tomorrow will get me back on track. I will tell you all about it, either way.

But…what I really wanted to tell you about is this:

My biggest little boy and I took a little field trip to the bookstore on the day before he started school. We actually set out for the toy store NEXT TO the book store (for a new lunch box) and ended up at the bookstore. We are both book nerds. In a wonderful way.

I haven’t been to a book store with just Hobbes in a long time. We both looked at everything. It was awesome. Then he played with the train table (he’s not THAT big, yet) and I wandered and dreamed about what it would be like to be able to buy all these wonderful books.

Here are some that I thought were particularly fabulous, kid-section-wise:

IMG_0553 IMG_0554

IMG_0557 IMG_0560

And some oldie-but-goodies:


And, please, just humor me:


…oh yes, she did! and she does!! 🙂

Enjoy this first night of your weekend!

Look for a race recap tomorrow! And we still haven’t seen how school started…have we? Plus, I have a little boy who doesn’t like story time, but really LOVES playgrounds!


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Okay, I don’t have a farm. I just have a regular-sized garden that is fairly productive. Minus a few dead squash and zuchinni plants (may they rest in peace). I think that if my whole family ate a normal amount of veggies, we’d actually have very few left to figure out what to do with.


It’s mainly me.  So, I pass them off to the in-laws. A few go to the neighbors. An extreme amount of them go into my body. A few of them go into my boys. Then I have to figure out what to do. I have LOTS of plans. Some will be great, some may not be.

Here’s how I spent my free time on Tuesday (the in-laws took the boys for the day!!):

Project Number One: Freezing Tomatoes

Step One- pick some tomatoes

Step Two- Boil a big pot of water and drop some ‘maters in it

Step Three- Scoop them out of the boiling water about 30 seconds later (be sure to use your new mesh scoop thingy)

Step Four- Drop the tomatoes into a bowl of ice water (really, with ice IN IT)

Step Five- Get ’em out, pop the skins off, squeeze the seeds out and drop them in a colander to drain a little

Step Six- Freeze ’em (in ziplock baggies, if you’re like me!)

Then, if you haven’t had enough of it…head back to the garden for…

Project Two: Hot Pepper Relish

I owe the success of this particular project to Hobbes’ godmother and one of my best friends, Kake (aka Kate). She led me through it- from a “recipe” to assurance that I wasn’t actually going blind even though my eyes felt like they were bleeding and burning out of my head while I was doing all of this….

Step One- Pick the peppers (whatever you’ve got- just wear gloves!)

(especially if you pick these- Habeneros!)

Step Two- Figure out your recipe, somehow…

Step Three- Gather the peppers and other things that you will actually be using

Step Four- Dump it all in yo’ big machine/ food processor

Step Five- Swirl it all around

Step Six- Check on it- add a few things- don’t worry, your eyes won’t REALLY burn out of your head

Step Seven- Add some salt and let it sit in a bowl for a few hours. For whatever reason.

Step Eight- Cook it down with some sugar and vinegar. Again, your eyes will burn. Sorry.

Step Nine- Let it cool and dump it in some containers (I haven’t braved actual canning yet)

In the end, it is good. I think I cooked it down with a little bit more sugar than was needed, but it’s kinda neat- you start with a sweet flavor, then it’s kicks your arse. Like, it’s not salsa. You would add about 1 tsp to your favorite salsa to make it kick your butt.

So, that’s how I spent a lot of my free day. The rest of it was spent buying a few things. Including a canning “kit” which I will report on later. I have big plans. Also, I cleaned. A lot. And now (two days later) you can’t tell. Oh well.

As a bonus, here’s something that happened today:

My kiddos helped my hub wash my car.

Also, I got a “free” glass at dinner with the girls- Sweetwater 420 IPA. Yum.

Also, I ate some form of a Nutty Buddy or something from the freezer because I had a craving for a hot fudge sundae something FIERCE, but we have no freestanding ice cream and the boys are asleep and hub is out working and I am SURE that it is frowned upon to either- a. wake children up to go through mcdonald’s drive thru OR b. leave your kiddos alone (even though they are sleeping!) to go through said drive thru. Oh well. It was good, but that’s some calories and guilt that I can’t get back.

Oh- and watched Season Finale of THE HILLS. Why do season finale’s make me a little weepy? Dumb.

I will now go finish my book (still Roadside Crosses by Jeffrey Deaver) so that I can start a new one tomorrow.

P.S. There was no exercise to be done today. I had a sinus headache that spread to my teeth. Bad news. I will run in the morning. It will be grand. And hot. And necessary.

Watch out for a special Friday Edition of Therapy Thursday tomorrow- along with some other creations from the “farm”: stuffed banana peppers and cucumber sauce for gyros!

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When I was in highschool I wrote a “novel”.

I started it during the summer after my 9th grade year, I think. I added to it for a while, but I know that I finished it before it got cold. I just remember reading it on the picnic table at my grandmother’s house (where we were living at the time) when I finished, meaning it probably wasn’t winter.

I wrote it in a notebook full of looseleaf paper. By hand. With many, many different colors (some sparkly, I’m sure) of ink. I would rewrite pages if they didn’t look right, or if I had to cross anything out.

It was a novel full of teen angst, hard choices, love….when I think about it now, though, it was really a story of a girl who wanted to change something about her life.

And I am not kidding when I say “novel” and not “short story”. If I remember correctly, this thing was well over 400 hand written pages. Perhaps over 500.

I feel as if I must mention, full disclosure and whatnot, that it was also a story of a girl who left a small town to go on tour with a band. Because one of the band members fell in love with her. But along the way, she broke his heart, of course.

I will not mention what band she was traveling with, because…well, because there may be a few of you out there who still think I’m cool. And this would just totally squash that notion. Seriously. Ha! Plus, the band is not actually MENTIONED in the novel, merely alluded to, so really, it could be ANY band.

This novel is in the attic at my mom’s house. I think I need to dig it out.

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kicking it off…

Hey y’all!

So, the weekend and yesterday were fabulous. I am one of those people that really doesn’t mind a birthday.

Okay, I love a birthday.

So what? I’m getting older? I hope so…I mean, there has been a lot going on for no time to pass.

This year, in addition to being a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, volunteer, etc…

I ran my first half-marathon,

I started this blog (and you’re welcome, of course),

I planned and planted my first “real” garden,

and whatnot. So, it’s fine with me that a year has passed 🙂

And for the past few days, I have celebrated that fact.

This weekend, as mentioned previously, I sent my kiddos to the in-laws for a night so that we could have grown-up fun. Also, so that I could sit at the pool and just, well, sit. And drink some beer. And read…

Success! (P.S.- Pale Ale in a can? Not so bad!)

We also went to dinner with some good friends. Mellow Mushroom. Yummy veggie pizza!

And a live (but not SO good) band at Phat Frog. With Sweet Water 420. Yum!

Then there was some general sleeping in, a little more pool time, some laundry (somehow I just CAN NOT ESCAPE the laundry!) before the boys were returned.

There was dinner out with MY dad and the boys- no pics, but good fun at Chili’s. Sometimes you just need a good Chili’s fix. Or, at least, I do. Plus it’s loud there and the boys can be “boys” and no one really notices. AND my dad gave me some great new kitchen-y things that you will be seeing in use in the near future!

On the ACTUAL day, I celebrated with my little boys. I mean, it was a Monday. What can be done, really?


(gardening of GIANT garden)

(extraction of FIRST SQUASH!!! am farmer!!)

(trip to pool)

CAKE! (baked by a chocolate frosting-mustached boy, of course!)

PRESENTS! (including subscription to US Weekly – thank God, have been feeling very out-of-loop, yellow “toe-paint”, book…)

DINNER! (sidenote: this is the dinner I have requested for my birthday since I was little: bbq chicken -w/skin on grill, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob)

and last, but certainly not least….

Cake AND Ice Cream.

It’s okay, I might be 33 and I might be 6.

And I might be full of guilt from all the eating. However, I did manage a 3(ish) mile walk with the boys in the stroller in the morning, so nevermind 😉

I hope your day is good today. Mine will be!

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hey, hey, hey.

This will be brief. We are having a wild morning because:

  1. We all got up at 6 a.m. And I mean ALL of us.
  2. It’s Hobbes’ last day of playschool for the year!
  3. We are heading to the beach at noon. 🙂

When did it get so hard just to GET READY TO LEAVE!!??

I think it was the addition of not one, but TWO, kiddos.

Anyway, it’s been a streak of laundry (so much, SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!), cleaning (don’t you like to come HOME to a clean house? some people act like I’m crazy, but I think that getting home on a Tuesday night, late, to a dirty house in need of vacuuming and laundry-doing, etc. would SUCK), packing, using up all food in fridge that is perishable, etc.


I will say that I haven’t totally stuck to my exercising guns throughout the end of this week. Let me think of what I’ve done…

On Monday I did walk the 3ish miles (with the double stroller) and do some core fusion, so- check.

On Tuesday I did manage to run. I think I went about 2.5. I was iPod-less, and I am not one to enjoy running with my thoughts. I did some plank poses and some push ups upon my return. Pretty good.

On Wednesday I also ran. On the treadmill. Super gross. Also, in a regular bra due to my forgetting a sports bra in my gym bag and being determined to do SOMETHING. So this run was also shortened by a little- 2.7 in 25 minutes. My bra couldn’t pretend to be a sports bra any longer. Not really good planning.

Yesterday I managed to take the boys on a 3ish mile walk, even though it was about 85 degrees. They enjoyed it- shaded in the stroller with snack and juice. I sweated A LOT. Then, instead of doing any core/arm work, I cleaned out the car and moved things around in the garage. 

Today, I was pretending that I was going to run- but really, everyone was up right before my “workout” alarm went off. So, I did not. I will be too busy with packing the car, getting small ones to and from school, etc. to really work out this morning. Maybe I’ll get a walk or quick run in when we get to the beach? There is talk of big thunderstorms tonight, so we’ll see.

In any case, I’ll catch up with you from the beach….where we will HOPEFULLY see the sun by Saturday afternoon. But, no worries, I know how to shop at those cute little shops 🙂 And read- I am taking 5 books with me. Ambitious? Maybe.

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