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It’s super dreary here today, and it’s got us cooped up inside. Near all the snacks and diet drinks (both of which I’m trying foolishly to limit my consumption of in this brand-spankin’-new year).

So, I thought I would burden you all with some ramblings.

I’ve been thinking about the holidays as I get the final bits and pieces of the decor that took over this house for over a month down.

(Full disclosure: our tree is still in the living room, and it still has lights on it- decorations are off, but the lights are on. Big plan is to take it to the curb tonight. We’ll just say that I wanted to keep it up through Epiphany. Ok?)

I wanted to share with you something that I coveted all year and then received from my wonderful mother for Christmas:

lauren wallet from zappos

*photo is taken right off of zappos.com*

It’s the “Lauren” wallet from Hobo International. Except, mine is blue. I guess they are sold out of the blue- so sorry for you! My family doesn’t understand my love for it. When I get it out of my purse I ooh and ahh over it. Every time. I snap it open and closed with care. I show anyone who cares all of it’s compartments, it’s lovely interior print, the strong magnetic close and it’s pocket that is large enough for your iPhone. Because, you see, it can be in your purse or it can BE YOUR PURSE! It is so delightful. If I had sponsors or extra cash, I would give one away to you, my loyal reader(s). But alas. You can just covet mine. And I will try diligently to write more, and more interesting, posts to try to get someone to donate something. Maybe if I had focus.

Wait. What?


So, other than spending time showing off my wallet and taking down Christmas, I managed to run last week. And apparently going full-on on the treadmill at plus-eight pounds isn’t so good for your knees. Or, at least it’s not good for my right one. So, I have been limping around and hobbling up stairs for the past 5 days. But, at least I tried.

Then I took up knitting.

But that’s a whole OTHER story. And I don’t have that much to write about these days, so I’ll save it.

Oh, and I also managed to catch a nasty head cold. From my husband. And who says he never gives me anything…

(If you were here, I could ask my child to do the buh-duh-chink on the drums so that you could share in my headache love for music produced on loud instruments by small children.)

So, anyway the bad thing that we’ve got going on now is the ever-on-the-horizon addiction to:

afrin addiction

*pop on over and order yours at drugstore.com if you’d like*

Afrin. It’s my last resort. I don’t use it unless I have had a few bad nights of sleep due to inability to breathe OR if I feel like I am choking/suffocating just trying to drink a glass of wine water, which is what was happening on Saturday night.

So, I use the Afrin. And it works miracles.

But then I need it again. And it felt SO GOOD the first time that I can’t NOT use it.

And then I sleep better, so I vow that I will try not to use it the next day. But YOU KNOW that it seems to wear off faster, and by lunch time I can’t breathe.

Slippery slope.

Now I will have to decide when to go into withdrawal.

I think it’s not today. I really like NOT being a mouth breather.


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Around here, we love Thomas.

When he comes around, we really like to visit him.





All aboard!



(Hey Thomas!)



It wears you out, all this excitement…


Happy Tuesday!

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I am currently creating a brand new playlist for my 10K in the morning.

You heard me. My 10K.

Now, I know that I am well into the training for my 2nd half marathon, but it doesn’t really feel like it. And having said that, I am anxious about this race tomorrow. Mostly because last year I ran the 5K version of this same race, and I am pretty sure that it kicked my booty. Okay, I know it did.

Here is what I keep telling myself:

  1. Last week I ran 7 miles. It was rough, but I did it.
  2. In March I ran 13.1 miles.
  3. And I plan on doing it again in November.
  4. Races are fun.
  5. I *probably* won’t pee on myself. (probably not. 99% sure)
  6. As long as I finish, it’s a success. (I am not sure I feel that way anymore, I secretly have a goal time and that’s probably what is stressing me out)
  7. It will be more fun than just a plain-old long run, which I was going to have to do anyway.

Don’t I sound like a runner? I feel a little off with the running thing, but maybe tomorrow will get me back on track. I will tell you all about it, either way.

But…what I really wanted to tell you about is this:

My biggest little boy and I took a little field trip to the bookstore on the day before he started school. We actually set out for the toy store NEXT TO the book store (for a new lunch box) and ended up at the bookstore. We are both book nerds. In a wonderful way.

I haven’t been to a book store with just Hobbes in a long time. We both looked at everything. It was awesome. Then he played with the train table (he’s not THAT big, yet) and I wandered and dreamed about what it would be like to be able to buy all these wonderful books.

Here are some that I thought were particularly fabulous, kid-section-wise:

IMG_0553 IMG_0554

IMG_0557 IMG_0560

And some oldie-but-goodies:


And, please, just humor me:


…oh yes, she did! and she does!! 🙂

Enjoy this first night of your weekend!

Look for a race recap tomorrow! And we still haven’t seen how school started…have we? Plus, I have a little boy who doesn’t like story time, but really LOVES playgrounds!


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So, I will start by admitting that my life is disorganized right now. And I am not really sure why. Nothing has really HAPPENED to make it this way, besides just regular-old-life. The reason I say this is because I think it’s important to admit when you’re crazy. Also, I am going to fix it. This week. I have plans. I have goals. I have lists. And this bloggie here, it’s on it.

But I’m already behind. It was a holiday weekend and all. Excuses. I know.

So, instead of making any MORE excuses for you, I’ll just start by trying to catch you up, a little at a time….

Saturday was the first home college football game of the season for my husband’s college- North Carolina State University.

At State, you tailgate…


Please note the satellite dish. You heard me.

If you’re me, and your stuck in the in the garage (stuck because your one-year-old has already melted down and is now doing fine with the in-laws and you can’t show your face again or else it happens all over again) while your husband is loading the car and you notice some vodka in the freezer, some lemonade in the fridge, and some mason jars…you just might come up with this…


…and then you might realize that people actually think you’ve got moonshine in your cooler and get a little nervous. ha.


There we are. And there’s the grill.


The game was a blowout, as first games of season should be. Note that it’s nighttime, and we’re just heading back to the car. It was a long day. Especially post long-run.

That’s right, I ran 7 miles prior to heading to the daylong tailgate/football extravaganza. I was one tired girl. And probably dehydrated. And definitely in need of a day of rest. Mom’s don’t really get those, though.

Sunday was a day of, well, cleaning out the garage. It takes a day. Trust me.

At some point during the day, I broke away with Finn. We broke away to Walmart. And apparently we took a time machine back to the 80’s while there, because we returned with scrunchies and lipstick.

P1030088 P1030090

Yes. Scrunchies and lipstick.

I have my reasons. What could they be, you may ask?

I have to sleep with my hair up on top of my head, otherwise I feel like I am being strangled all night long. My “regular” hair bands pull my hair out. I really do lose a lot of hair- is that normal? I mean, I have plenty on my head (so far- thank goodness), but there is also an uncanny amount all over the bathroom floor. Anyway, I was hoping that these would pull less. They do. Thanks for asking. Especially if you wear your ponytail on the side and double up on the scrunchies!!

Also, I am obsessed with really adore The Pioneer Woman, and she keeps talking about this lipstick. So now I own it. And I forgot that I love how lipstick feels on my lips, even though I would rather it not actually SHOW UP much. This one is called “Nearly There”, in case you were wondering. It only costs $5 at Walmart and I believe it’s $5.04 at Target. 😉

So, needless to say, the holiday weekend was a little exhausting. And I am a little behind. BUT- today was the first day of playschool of the year for Hobbes! We are slowly, but surely, getting back on track.

Now I just have to dig my way out of about 10 loads of laundry and a whole lot of outgrown clothes….

This Week’s Teasers: I cut hair! My kids flood the bathroom when they take baths together! Hobbes starts school! I finally paid for my 10K on Saturday, so now I have to run it!

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I will be the first to admit that I like new things.

That being said, I am one of those people that REALLY gets good use out of things that I love. And if I find something that I love and it (for some/any reason) wears out, I will probably just continue using/wearing it anyway. Unless I MUST replace it. Then I will try to find the exact same thing and get it again. Seriously.


Yoga Pants. I have been wearing them since I got pregnant with baby number one, about 5 years ago. (YIKES, btw- five years ago?!!). I only manage to do yoga MAYBE once a week, but I wear these sucker 7 days a week. I wear them in the morning, when pajamas just won’t do anymore. I wear them in the afternoon/evening once we are home for the day. I sometimes (okay, more often than sometimes) wear them out and about. I mean, MAYBE I just came from yoga, right?!? All of the yoga pants that I have had have come from Target. I probably buy 2 or 3 pairs per year, but never get rid of the old ones. So, you can imagine the stack in my closet. I always wear the black ones. I sometimes buy the cropped version. I sometimes buy the gray ones, but they mostly just sit in my closet. This year, I even invested in the skirt version. I may or may not pretend that it’s sort of dressy. I wear them with flip flops, even in the winter. I might have a problem. But, for $14.99 or less per pair, and PURE COMFORT, it’s an okay problem to have…

Tissue-Like T’s. I have been wearing these kinds of t-shirts since long before I got preggo and had the life of a stay-at-home-mom. Now, I will say that I DIDN’T wear them when I was pregnant, or really for a while after each kid was born, because they are not so forgiving. In fact, maybe I just shouldn’t wear them. But I do. I used to buy them in rainbows of colors from JCrew. Nowadays, I buy a similar version from Target. Okay, maybe they are meant to be sleep-shirts. Or maybe not. Please don’t judge. They are long. They are a little thicker than true tissue t’s (read: a little more forgiving in the tummy area). Every year I invest in the long-sleeved version in the fall/winter and the short-sleeved version in the spring/summer. I always need 2 whites (you NEED two whites, don’t let anyone tell you different), a black, and a gray. Then, when sales occur or the inclination strikes, I’ll invest in the colors. Oh, I love the colors! They make me feel dressy. Yes, I’m serious. And maybe a little sad 😉 They are usually about $5-$7. Once I got a few on sale for $1.58. Yep, one dollar and fifty-eight cents. It’s true love. And it’s affordable. I will say, though, all of these tissue-like t’s led to another obsession….

Long, thin-strapped tank-tops. Not ribbed. Not with a built-in bra. Just plain old tanks. I prefer a particular version from (shocker!) Target these days. It comes in many colors. It has adjustable straps (so that I can make it longer- I have a “look”. you see, of my tank showing beneath my tissue-like t). It comes past the hip. It’s fitted. It’s a little snug to the point of sucking things in a bit to keep me looking slightly acceptable in my tissue-like t’s. I need more, come to think of it. Sadly, these are never on sale (mind you, when I went to find the link, they were on sale- who knew!?) and they are more than the t’s, coming in around $8. But you don’t have to replace them as often, as they are a bottom layer. So, acceptable.

Now, I know. I shop at Target a lot. You really don’t want to know.

Another staple in my closet is/are jeans. These may require a whole book to be written about them. I’ll put it this way: I would love to wear bell-bottoms daily. I’m talking true-straight-from-the-70’s bell-bottoms. But, I am not that skinny anymore. Those suckers are meant for hipless men. So, I revert to the trouser jean, and other similar styles. I prefer a nice (I’m talking EXPENSIVE) jean. Luckily for my husband, I have yet to get back down to my “fancy-jean size”, so I have a pair that I love from Old Navy and a new pair that seems to have great potential from Eddie Bauer. Jeans, for me, must come in tall. Preferably, I like them drag the ground. I’m just like that. But- there are many jeans.

I also love shoes. I actually have a lot of awesome, somewhat trendy shoes. But I prefer flip-flops.

Namely, black plastic flip-flops from JCrew and dark brown Rainbows. When they wear out, I get more. And have since college, I think. And that was a long time ago.

So, why am I rambling on and on and on about this?

Maybe because these are my obsessions. My loves. My true happiness.

Or maybe because I have to tell you that I do it with running gear, too.

I am on my fifth pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS’s. I so love them.

I broke them in yesterday with high hopes of making it through my half-marathon in November in them.

I love running in new shoes.

I also broke this new running tank in yesterday.

Please, do not judge. I took the pic post-run.

And only because I couldn’t find them on Target.com to link them to the post.

It’s a great tank….sports bra up top and not totally fitted down below. Quite appreciated by me. I would like it in more colors. Please, Target, offer them online so that I can order more. I must feed my obsessive-compulsive habit. Plus, I really don’t want to wash it everday. Thanks.

Oh. And this fall…these will be mine.

In vintage brown leather

So, I guess I’ll be adding a pair of skinny jeans to my collection.

And maybe get to writing that book that I’m always talking about to earn a little cash-money.

Meaning, I also better get a-running (if I’m going to buy skinny jeans OR complete my half, which is the justification for this reward).

Speaking of which, I have my “long run” of the week tomorrow.

5 miles.

I haven’t run 5 since March, or maybe April. Due to sheer laziness.

So, I’ll report on that tomorrow.

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