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cheap thrills…

Hey! Happy Monday!

So, let’s start with the good news: I got up and ran my miles this morning, before the day ever even started for anyone else around here! I am sure I will be tired later, but it feels SO GOOD to have it under my belt, so to speak. So, this morning was about 3.3 in 33 minutes. I think I was asleep for the first 2 miles- it was still dark! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to run 3 or 3.5, so I sort of split the difference.  I also managed to get my long run in on Saturday morning…this week was supposed to be 5 miles, and I only had time for 4.7. Doesn’t seem that different, but I was dissappointed. I am sure it will all work out in the end, though, and my legs were FEELING IT at the end. It’s been a while since I’ve gone 5 miles….they wanted to make sure that I knew, I guess.

In other news, it IS Monday. We are going to the pool. I am sort of glad that pool season is coming to an end. I am ready to spend that 3-4 hours (of getting ready, getting there, being there, getting home, getting unpacked, getting changed) in other ways, I think. Today and tomorrow are the last weekdays that it’s open at 10 a.m. and that is really, really fine with me 😉

But here is what I really have for you today: fun on the cheap.

Moreover…accidental fun on the cheap.

Cardboard Boxes are fun.

As are “Grow Capsules” from the dollar section at Target.

You remember these, right? You drop the capsule in some water, and a few minutes later- POOF!- you’ve “grown” a fill-in-the-blank.

We grew dinosaurs. It was awesome. We now have an army.

Enjoy your MONDAY (as best you can)!

Join me next time…I’ve got some pretty good dinner ideas up my sleeve for the week AND I’ll continue the running torture/obsession….plus, I’ve got to do something with all these HOT PEPPERS (again!!)!!


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You have to love to eat. Or at least like it alot. And if you’re my family, you probably base every single thing that you do around what you’ll eat, when you’ll eat, and what you’ll eat next. But that’s another story.

In any case, trips to beach with friends involve drinking, playing and EATING! (and my kids, of course).

We take two trips per year involving multiple friends/couples (on a regular basis). We usually split up the meals so that everyone gets to cook something they really like (and so no one has to buy all the groceries/feel all the pressure to cook every day).

Not surprisingly, the beach trip involved two dinners that revolved around some local seafood. So, I thought I’d share….

Friday night was Taco Night with a Twist (courtesy of Shaun and I):

All the fixins…a little steak, a little chicken and a whole lotta fish…many fresh hot peppers (garden fresh!), multiple homemade salsas and pico de gallos, and KEY LIME BARS. Yum.

Happy Campers!

Then, Saturday night was what I will call “Magic Pouches”, Kate and Mark’s brainchild :)-

Plus some stuffed ‘shrooms courtesy of Uncle Daddy Ryan and his Lady.

Basically, you put everything you want to eat in a pouch of foil and grill it up. So good.

(not sure why the pics are so bad and so few- there was some drinking earlier in the day and I didn’t have batteries for my speed light, so I was using the regular old flash- gross)

Then, of course, everyone played with the kiddos all weekend. And who could blame them?

Quite a poser.

Not to be outdone by his brother, Hobbes strikes a pose as well…

And then, Finn ate a donut.


And another donut…and some popcorn!

And beach tradition:

Finn: That’s pretty good, Dad, but let’s see what we can do…

Wow. That’s what only weighing 20 pounds will getcha. Little flyin’ fella.

So, that’s a beach trip for you. Not pictured are the millions of sandwiches and granola bars that were also consumed. Also the beer. And box juices. We also lost a tent (RIP old friend) and had to get a new one. We went through a ridiculous amount of sunscreen (because I am a re-applier, ‘specially with the kiddos). We (well, I) didn’t get much sleep. We played some games and talked about watching some movies (but food and games always won out). I managed to run 3 times, I think. So, not a total exercise bust. Though definitely a total diet bust! 🙂

Thanks SuSu.

And, in the present, it’s actually (somehow) not too hot outside right now, so I am going to see if the hubs will play with the boys while I go for a little run. We have a busy day- an out of town wedding tonight (sans kiddos!).

Tomorrow look for my new exercise “plan”. I’m really still trying to figure it out. And next week, I’ll be making jelly!

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First of all, and without any delay:

No words. None. Maybe just a quick question: who will buy these?

Now that you are maybe vomiting a little in your mouth, or laughing, or imagining your neighbor’s children running around their yard in these “denim diapers”, let me fill you in a little on the highlights of my visit to Charleston (well, really Mount Pleasant) to visit the sweet nephew.

It was a great visit. I don’t remember the last time I visited my brother and sister-in-law by myself. It really was fun. Plus, I get to call myself an expert at baby things, since I’ve had two and all, so that makes me feel important. And smart. And useful!

So, visited baby.

He is still tiny, but much more sturdy…

His hands and feet are GIANT. Like a puppy 🙂 He obviously has some growin’ to do to catch up with those extremities!

He is in that lovely, snuggly stage. For visitors. I got to hang out while he was fed, change a diaper or two, hold him while he was happy, pass him back for feeding. Excellent visit for me.

I had a few nuggets of good advice.

  1. Drink wine or beer to relax and make breastfeeding easier (well, that’s my advice, anyway- and I mean a small glass or two, not to get sloshed! and not ALL day, just at night, when you are joining others in a happy-hour type way…).
  2. Make a schedule for yourself, even if it seems ridiculous it will make the day seem easier/ go by better. Example could be: 9 a.m.- watch today show, 10 a.m.- go for walk to get newspaper, 11 a.m.- feed baby, 12 p.m.- put baby in swing to eat lunch, 1 p.m.- shower if baby is still napping, 2 p.m.- feed baby, 3 p.m.- go for quick stroller walk, 4 p.m.- give baby bath, 5 p.m.- feed baby, WITH WINE, etc… I am a scheduler, and it has kept me sane. Or whatever I call myself.
  3. Do not be afraid to go to easy places every day, even if you think they might think you are crazy. My go-to place? Target. Still is. You can wander till baby cries, then head home to feed within a few minutes of the crying starting. Plus, you can get the popcorn and medium drink deal for $1.50 and look at all the baby stuff and such. You are breastfeeding, eat it up!
  4. Drink a lot of water. Flood yourself.
  5. Use the baby bjorn (more on that in one second).

So, in exchange for all my excellent advice, I got introduced to TACO BOY. Heaven sent. Seriously. Plus, it was Charlie’s lunch out. Which was awesome. I miss a baby who will sleep just because there is background noise.

Anyway…Taco Boy…

for lunch…


Chips, guacamole, GIANT DOS EQUIS (I am the “helper” not the mother!), and also some portabello soft tacos and chipotle slaw that are unpictured. AKA on another camera, I believe. I had two beers. Vacation and whatnot. Super, duper tasty.

There were other happenings while I visited….

A waterfront walk (occuring after the big beers, so it was pretty fun!), a three mile-ish run (flatland!), some cooking out, finishing American Wife (highly recommended reading), some spaghetti sauce making (for them to freeze and have at a later date…see, I can help!)….and…

a one hour tutorial on the use and love of the baby bjorn/front carrier. They are now experts. You are welcome for your sanity. Especially when you have another.

So, that’s that, folks.

I leave you with what I returned to:

(a giant garden!)

(and a child who doesn’t think his new flip flops would be complete without a pair of his brother’s underwear on OVER his shorts).

My life…it’s good 🙂

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    A good day…

    So, in the last…well…26 hours, I have done the following:
    1. Played with/loved on/snuggled my boys
    2. Driven (most of) 4.5 hours listening to good music with the windows down
    3. Snuggled my new nephew Charlie
    4. Eaten one of the BEST sammiches ever (turkey, avacado, sprouts, homemade bread…)
    5. Visited with my little brother and his lovely other half
    6. Finished American Wife
    7. Run three (flat, but still three) miles

    Good day, right!?

    And we have some errands (for me to run for the new fam), a waterfront walk, some cooking, some more baby snugglin’ and some beer in our (my) future.

    I mean, I miss my boys, but…


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