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Up until last week, I had a son who was creeping up on being 3 and 1/2 who continuously told me:

“Mama, I will have a paci and wear diapers FOREVER!”

I giggled. But deep down, I really thought he might.

And since he’s the baby, I kind of (KIND OF) thought it was okay.

But then I started thinking about the fact that he would HAVE to be potty trained to go to any kind of school next fall.

And really, he needs to go to some kind of school.

We both need him to.

Of course, he thinks that he is going to go to his big brother’s school. Which he cannot do until he is 4 (and he misses that dreaded school-cut-off by over a month). So, he’ll be super sad when he has to go somewhere else. But, thank goodness, that’s another story for more than 6 months from now.


Last Friday Finn woke up with a dry diaper. Now, it took my first-born about another whole year AFTER he was potty trained to go all night with a dry diaper (which we slept in until we had that down, because who has the energy to change sheets daily?!!?? anyone??!!). So, I took it as a sign.

And we took off the diaper and went to the bathroom.

There was crying. Yelling. Screaming. Shaking. Fear. Terror. Anger. And a lot of it.

Then he tinkled in the potty.

Then he smiled and said

Mama, this is the best day EVER. Don’t I get M and M’s?”

And that was about it. No accidents. No more drama. Diaper at night, underwear during the day.


Toy Story undies helped us along.

And we put stickers on a paper every time we went potty until it was full.

The full sticker page resulted in a “big prize”.


A new game for his DS.

Now, this is slightly shocking to me on many levels.

1. My 3 year old son has a DS.

Rationale: if he doesn’t have what his brother has he will either steal or break his brothers “thing”.

2. He knew EXACTLY which DS game he wanted. Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Apparently this game was advertised on the instruction page of his Toy Story game. Obviously.

3. Hobbes, my first born, got a Thomas Train when he got his first sticker page filled for potty training. That was what he played with. He was so sweet and YOUNG.

4. Second children (and probably all after that) are just something else.


Now, in full disclosure I feel like I should tell you that Finn probably WILL have his paci forever. At least in his bed. I’ll take off diapers, but I won’t mess around with kiddos who sleep all night with a paci!


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I realized that my youngest needed a haircut.


Sometimes it takes a 3 year-old with a pebbles-pony-tail for me to see what’s right in front of me.

He acts like he has nerve endings in his hair, so I wait too long every time.



My oldest lost his first tooth.


He actually swallowed it. At snack time at school.

I thought about looking for it, if you know what I mean.

You’ll be glad to know that I didn’t. I didn’t actually search.

I may have glanced in the toilet, though.

I mean, if it had been RIGHT THERE maybe I would have…

But it wasn’t.

So I didn’t.


I saved time! And water! Conservation abounds!

Oh, I forced them to take a bath together again.




I don’t know if we’ll do it again anytime soon.


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Hey there.

I must get this off my chest: this week looks a little intimidating from this end.

Most because, along with Halloween, the upcoming weekend is the 2nd birthday of my second born…and we will celebrate it with a house full (no exaggeration) of family and friends. And our living room still isn’t..live-able. Therefore nothing is really clean. Or organized. And I have to bring in a lot of groceries, etc. as the week goes on. And cook with them. And store them places. Oh- and we have a big, big, big tailgate on Thursday that involves being out of town all day and night (fun, but poorly timed). Oh- and I run my half marathon in two weekends. So, I must run.

But. Whatever.

In other news, I pounded out my ten miler yesterday with a friend who is also training for a half marathon (hers is NEXT weekend). I generally would say that I don’t like to run with people. Maybe I’m wrong? This was by far the easiest and quickest (as in time flew by, not as in I RAN fast) long run I’ve had in a while. We chatted, commiserated, complained, chatted, and gossiped our way through our 10 miles in about 1:49. We did have to stop for traffic a few times, and take a couple of water/walk breaks, but it was good. So maybe I feel prepared for my half marathon after all?!

And here’s something to know.

Skeletons have to brush their teeth, too…



But, apparently, they don’t have to brush their hair.

Kidding, kidding, that came next…

Buzz Lightyear, on the other hand, would have none of it…



And so begins this day.

Along with a prayer for a reconnected television in my downstairs living room by tomorrow morning. How is a mom supposed to clean when she can’t glue her kiddos to the television (educational programming, obviously- hehe) for at least 30 minutes at a time?

Um. Amen.

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Around here, we love Thomas.

When he comes around, we really like to visit him.





All aboard!



(Hey Thomas!)



It wears you out, all this excitement…


Happy Tuesday!

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I am currently creating a brand new playlist for my 10K in the morning.

You heard me. My 10K.

Now, I know that I am well into the training for my 2nd half marathon, but it doesn’t really feel like it. And having said that, I am anxious about this race tomorrow. Mostly because last year I ran the 5K version of this same race, and I am pretty sure that it kicked my booty. Okay, I know it did.

Here is what I keep telling myself:

  1. Last week I ran 7 miles. It was rough, but I did it.
  2. In March I ran 13.1 miles.
  3. And I plan on doing it again in November.
  4. Races are fun.
  5. I *probably* won’t pee on myself. (probably not. 99% sure)
  6. As long as I finish, it’s a success. (I am not sure I feel that way anymore, I secretly have a goal time and that’s probably what is stressing me out)
  7. It will be more fun than just a plain-old long run, which I was going to have to do anyway.

Don’t I sound like a runner? I feel a little off with the running thing, but maybe tomorrow will get me back on track. I will tell you all about it, either way.

But…what I really wanted to tell you about is this:

My biggest little boy and I took a little field trip to the bookstore on the day before he started school. We actually set out for the toy store NEXT TO the book store (for a new lunch box) and ended up at the bookstore. We are both book nerds. In a wonderful way.

I haven’t been to a book store with just Hobbes in a long time. We both looked at everything. It was awesome. Then he played with the train table (he’s not THAT big, yet) and I wandered and dreamed about what it would be like to be able to buy all these wonderful books.

Here are some that I thought were particularly fabulous, kid-section-wise:

IMG_0553 IMG_0554

IMG_0557 IMG_0560

And some oldie-but-goodies:


And, please, just humor me:


…oh yes, she did! and she does!! 🙂

Enjoy this first night of your weekend!

Look for a race recap tomorrow! And we still haven’t seen how school started…have we? Plus, I have a little boy who doesn’t like story time, but really LOVES playgrounds!


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