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Hey there.

So, the weekend is coming to an end. I hope it was a good one for you.

For me, it was good-n-fast. It involved a lot of football, some soccer, some running, some shopping, and some laundry (of course).

Thursday was a tailgate at NC State in Raleigh. It was fairly low-key because, well, it was Thursday.

Let’s just say that I tried to take advantage of the less-crazy atmosphere…

IMG_0600I also apparently forced Shaun to take a picture with me, resulting in this…

P1030182I swear, he really does love me!! 🙂 (Please ignore the bra strap…I would say that I was being trendy, or something, but really, it was just too hot to wear the cotton cardigan thingy I had to put on over my tank top)

The game was fine- I’ll admit that I get bored about halfway through a football game. They last a long time. I get tired. I get too full to eat any more snacks. I wish for my bed. That kind of thing.

But this was awesome…

P1030211I love crowd tricks. This one was particularly awesome, because of the sentiment. I am always amazed that they can get all those drunken students to flip their cards over at the right time.

On Friday, us parents were tired (from our big football outing the night before), so we broke out the big guns.

And by big guns I mean bouncy house. Naturally.


It resulted in a lot of fun for the kiddos that involved very little work on my part. Thereby resulting in an early bedtime for all.





Saturday, there was more football. Live and in person. This time we took Hobbes with us. To Chapel Hill- TAR!! HEELS!!! Anyway. It really went something like this…


But we had a good time. And he got to drink Sprite. Which to him is like getting away with something really, really good. And that’s all that matters.

And then this morning I ran 7 miles. And had some running revelations. And said some serious prayers/had my personal church around 5-6 miles. The running revelations will be…um…revealed tomorrow. The prayers? They’re personal. Personal-ish. Well, who am I kiddding? I’m almost sure I’ll share those, too.

For now, I think I’ll put on all three of my new pairs of running socks and my new six-dolla leggings (from Target!) and pretend to read while I fall asleep sitting up.



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