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Not completely.


So, it’s the end of this week-long focus activity and whatnot.

I was totally on track until yesterday at…well…about 2:30 p.m.

So, up until then I had kept on track. I have some word documents that are (well) documenting some goals.

I have met my mileage goal for running this week. I even completed my long run (7 miles) yesterday morning.

Before I continue, let me tell you that my 7 mile run was not easy. I felt wrecked, wrecked, WRECKED by mile 5. I honestly think that it’s because I skipped my rest day in lieu of a a little “speedwork”/short run on Friday. My body doesn’t like to move too fast. My hips told me that when I got to mile 6 yesterday. But I did have some sort of awesome negative split at mile 3-4. I believe it was around a 9 minute mile, if not a little less. Absolutely shocking.

But then my hips yelled at me. Loudly. But I continued. I finished. And then we went into full-on tailgate mode. And as much fun as it is, it totally ruined my focusing mojo.

So, in honor of this holiday weekend, I am extending my week-of-focus through tomorrow. Then I will greet you, all shiney and new, and focused.

And maybe I won’t feel so tired and generally cranky towards the world. Like I do now.

Thank you college football. Thank you Blue Moon. Thank you tiny child awakened suddenly at 2 a.m. And thank you 5 hours of sleep.

The end.


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Hey, hey.


We’re into day THREE of the week of focus. I need to set aside time to spend time focusing. But I feel like I am making SOME progress. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check it out…

So, here’s what I’m trying to do this week, in honor of focus (in no particular order):

  1. Update my “About” page
  2. Set a blogging “schedule”
  3. Create and USE more effective “categories”
  4. Reevaluate my pages/tabs
  5. Revisit the ever-present to-get-a-domain-or-not-to-get-a-domain debate and perhaps make a decision 🙂

I am sure you are all grateful for that explanation/ information.

But, till this week ends (on Sunday, for those of you keeping track…) I will just keep focusing on focusing in all my free time. And by that I mean while I am in the shower, trying to fall asleep, and/or running.


Speaking of running- I’m pretty much on schedule. So exciting. I have gotten SLOWER this summer, which seems kind of impossible. I am hoping that since I’ve picked my actual training back up in the heat (and what heat it is!), when it starts to cool off my time will improve slightly.

5.9 miles on Saturday took me about 62 minutes.
3.5 miles on Monday took me 37 minutes.
4 miles today took me 42 minutes. 
You see what I’m doing, here, right?

I think I’m at about a 10:30 minute mile on average. But I have to do a bit of walking, even on my short runs. Man, it’s hot out there.

Which brings me to my next point…

WHERE IS THE FALL? I want to wear JEANS WITHOUT SWEATING. I want to wear BOOTS! I want to feel cool breezes when we play outside. I want to run my 10K in an hour. HA-RUMPH!!!


Remember my weekend plans?

Yeah, I don’t really either.

But, they included a BEER FESTIVAL.

It was a date of sorts…me and the hubs. And 15,000+ other folks. And lots of beer tents. And $10 hot dogs (please, don’t get me started on that!).

It was so hot! It was so crowded! There were a lot of people that seemed to be skipping the lines and getting a lot more beer than us. But, it made for good entertainment. And we did taste some good beers…


Including Guinness. Not that we hadn’t tasted this one before, but it brought back good memories. Look…even our tasting glasses are in lurve.


And it was a good thing…


My kids make me happy. My husband makes me happy. You all make me happy. Life makes me happy. So does beer. Beer makes me happy.

Does beer make you happy? What makes you happy that might surprise others?

Beer and bad t.v. make me happy…but that probably wouldn’t surprise you. I am a discloser, though. A sharer, if you will!

How is the last week before fall starts being spent around here? A whole lot of scheduling, meeting, shopping, and end-of-season pool-ing. Oh, and focusing.

Stick with me!

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