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I realized that my youngest needed a haircut.


Sometimes it takes a 3 year-old with a pebbles-pony-tail for me to see what’s right in front of me.

He acts like he has nerve endings in his hair, so I wait too long every time.



My oldest lost his first tooth.


He actually swallowed it. At snack time at school.

I thought about looking for it, if you know what I mean.

You’ll be glad to know that I didn’t. I didn’t actually search.

I may have glanced in the toilet, though.

I mean, if it had been RIGHT THERE maybe I would have…

But it wasn’t.

So I didn’t.


I saved time! And water! Conservation abounds!

Oh, I forced them to take a bath together again.




I don’t know if we’ll do it again anytime soon.



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Today is my eighth wedding anniversary. Apparently you may celebrate this anniversary with gifts of bronze and pottery, or (if you are more modern) linens and lace.

Isn’t that almost a Stevie Nicks song?

Anyway…it’s a big day! Bronze linens and lace pottery aside…It’s a celebration of all that our family has become! It’s a time to think back to the big day itself- the best party that my husband and I have ever attended! With all of our best friends and closest family! A day to celebrate the fact that we really are (still) best friends and truly happy!

I think I will celebrate by planning the re-vamping of my laundry room.

(Side note: We will actually celebrate on Friday, with a tasty meal out and possibly a movie…Tuesdays just aren’t really good for us and/or our sitters. heh.)

I am not talking about a new washer or dryer (unfortunately, we don’t need those). I AM talking about new paint, a few shelves, maybe the removal of cabinet doors, some decluttering and reorganization…

Have I mentioned that I have discovered the time-suck that is pinterest?


It’s either going to really motivate me to do some great things around here or make me lose my mind due to wanting things that I just can’t have (specifically a house with 20 foot ceilings that has bookshelves from floor to ceiling in at least one room along with a ladder that glides around them AND skinny legs that are dressed in cable knit tights/socks and boots on a daily basis).

Can you really ever have enough books? Or boots? I say that the answer is no. To both.


So, today I will embark on a Lowe’s Home Improvement adventure with my almost-three-year-old (when did that happen, anyway?) baby boy while the other is at school (again, where has the time gone?), then surprise my hubs with a list of manual labor type to-do’s when he gets home.

Happy Anniversary?

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