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It’s super dreary here today, and it’s got us cooped up inside. Near all the snacks and diet drinks (both of which I’m trying foolishly to limit my consumption of in this brand-spankin’-new year).

So, I thought I would burden you all with some ramblings.

I’ve been thinking about the holidays as I get the final bits and pieces of the decor that took over this house for over a month down.

(Full disclosure: our tree is still in the living room, and it still has lights on it- decorations are off, but the lights are on. Big plan is to take it to the curb tonight. We’ll just say that I wanted to keep it up through Epiphany. Ok?)

I wanted to share with you something that I coveted all year and then received from my wonderful mother for Christmas:

lauren wallet from zappos

*photo is taken right off of zappos.com*

It’s the “Lauren” wallet from Hobo International. Except, mine is blue. I guess they are sold out of the blue- so sorry for you! My family doesn’t understand my love for it. When I get it out of my purse I ooh and ahh over it. Every time. I snap it open and closed with care. I show anyone who cares all of it’s compartments, it’s lovely interior print, the strong magnetic close and it’s pocket that is large enough for your iPhone. Because, you see, it can be in your purse or it can BE YOUR PURSE! It is so delightful. If I had sponsors or extra cash, I would give one away to you, my loyal reader(s). But alas. You can just covet mine. And I will try diligently to write more, and more interesting, posts to try to get someone to donate something. Maybe if I had focus.

Wait. What?


So, other than spending time showing off my wallet and taking down Christmas, I managed to run last week. And apparently going full-on on the treadmill at plus-eight pounds isn’t so good for your knees. Or, at least it’s not good for my right one. So, I have been limping around and hobbling up stairs for the past 5 days. But, at least I tried.

Then I took up knitting.

But that’s a whole OTHER story. And I don’t have that much to write about these days, so I’ll save it.

Oh, and I also managed to catch a nasty head cold. From my husband. And who says he never gives me anything…

(If you were here, I could ask my child to do the buh-duh-chink on the drums so that you could share in my headache love for music produced on loud instruments by small children.)

So, anyway the bad thing that we’ve got going on now is the ever-on-the-horizon addiction to:

afrin addiction

*pop on over and order yours at drugstore.com if you’d like*

Afrin. It’s my last resort. I don’t use it unless I have had a few bad nights of sleep due to inability to breathe OR if I feel like I am choking/suffocating just trying to drink a glass of wine water, which is what was happening on Saturday night.

So, I use the Afrin. And it works miracles.

But then I need it again. And it felt SO GOOD the first time that I can’t NOT use it.

And then I sleep better, so I vow that I will try not to use it the next day. But YOU KNOW that it seems to wear off faster, and by lunch time I can’t breathe.

Slippery slope.

Now I will have to decide when to go into withdrawal.

I think it’s not today. I really like NOT being a mouth breather.


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Hey there.

I must get this off my chest: this week looks a little intimidating from this end.

Most because, along with Halloween, the upcoming weekend is the 2nd birthday of my second born…and we will celebrate it with a house full (no exaggeration) of family and friends. And our living room still isn’t..live-able. Therefore nothing is really clean. Or organized. And I have to bring in a lot of groceries, etc. as the week goes on. And cook with them. And store them places. Oh- and we have a big, big, big tailgate on Thursday that involves being out of town all day and night (fun, but poorly timed). Oh- and I run my half marathon in two weekends. So, I must run.

But. Whatever.

In other news, I pounded out my ten miler yesterday with a friend who is also training for a half marathon (hers is NEXT weekend). I generally would say that I don’t like to run with people. Maybe I’m wrong? This was by far the easiest and quickest (as in time flew by, not as in I RAN fast) long run I’ve had in a while. We chatted, commiserated, complained, chatted, and gossiped our way through our 10 miles in about 1:49. We did have to stop for traffic a few times, and take a couple of water/walk breaks, but it was good. So maybe I feel prepared for my half marathon after all?!

And here’s something to know.

Skeletons have to brush their teeth, too…



But, apparently, they don’t have to brush their hair.

Kidding, kidding, that came next…

Buzz Lightyear, on the other hand, would have none of it…



And so begins this day.

Along with a prayer for a reconnected television in my downstairs living room by tomorrow morning. How is a mom supposed to clean when she can’t glue her kiddos to the television (educational programming, obviously- hehe) for at least 30 minutes at a time?

Um. Amen.

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Hi there.

My name is Katie and I LOVE the fall. And the winter (at least the North Carolina winter). By the time summer FINALLY comes to an end, I cannot WAIT until there are days and days of cloudy weather. Rain is fine with me, as long as we can still do what we need to do in between the showers.

Dreary? Yes!

Cool/Cold/Cloudy? Yes!

Twisted? Maybe.

But in any case, it’s been my kinda day around these parts.

We woke up to rain. Drove to school in drizzle. Went to library time in a mist of cool. Spent the afternoon watching a little t.v. and playing inside and feeling great about it.

Oh. And I ran 4 miles. In said rain. And I’m talking half a mile into the run it started actually pouring.

And what did I do? I said..I’m already soaking wet…and I kept on truckin’.

Turning in 3.9 miles in 36 minutes.

Then I drank this:

IMG_0671(it’s tasty… and goes pretty well with chinese food and “When in Rome”)

and now will read this:

IMG_0672(it’s pretty good, and I have a HUGE stack of books to get to, so I must forge on…)

…and then I will pass out. Sooner than later, surely.

But it’s supposed to be cloudy, rainy and cool tomorrow when we wake up.

Who’s a happy girl? 

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So, it’s hectic this morning, but I wanted to catch up before it continues!!

This week has been a week of firsts.

Hobbes had his first “lunch bunch” at school…

IMG_0626 with his new lunch box (dinosaurs) and some of his fave foods (bananas, crackers, yogurt, raisins). It was a success. It was sort of traumatic for me- leaving him at school for an extra hour and letting them feed him. But it is good practice. For him. And for me. Admittedly.

Also, Hobbes tried a little karate-type class at a local Little Gym. It was hectic. Finn wanted to go, too. But he couldn’t. But he REALLY, REALLY wanted to…




It was really kind of sad.

Also, my mom arrived to visit with Hobbes before she, Finny, and I head off on a quick road trip to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and little nephew Charlie in Charleston, SC.

Before that trip, though, I had to get in my long run.

I did it on Thursday, yesterday…It was 8 miles. 7.7, really, because it was bad. Painful. I am still contemplating where I went wrong, then will report back.

I also got almost 7 inches chopped off my hair. I never remember to get my hair cut because I wear it in a ponytail of some sort EVERY SINGLE DAY! So, it had probably been almost a year. Seriously. I will try to get photographic evidence of this soon. For now, I do not have such.

So, this day is wild. So far I have done a load of laundry, run 2 miles (trying to redeem myself for yesterday’s run- I can’t even explain right now!), packed the car. I am trying to get Hobbes off to school so we can hit the road.

I’ll try to report from there. In some manner!

Have a great weekend!! 

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running revelations….



As I mentioned the other day, I had some revelations during my long run last week. I also said that I’d report back on those “tomorrow”, but obviously really meaning “whenever”.

Now, I often have revelations during my runs. Mostly because my music can’t block out all of my thoughts and my mind goes and goes and goes and never stops no matter what I do to quiet it down.

Some revelations I have had during some of my runs in the past year and a half:

  1. There will never be enough hours in a day.
  2. I will never stop eating pizza. Or french fries. Or tortilla chips.
  3. I can power through anything…child birth, 13 mile runs, whatever.
  4. Being a mom to these boys is what I was totally meant to do.
  5. I should write a book.
  6. If you can be addicted to television, I probably am. Specifically of the reality variety.
  7. I am also addicted to books of all kinds, so that sort of evens out the whole t.v. thing, as far as I’m concerned.
  8. I will never stop drinking beer or wine. I enjoy it. And I never plan on being pregnant again, which is the only time I’ve deemed it actually necessary since I was “of age”.
  9. I should probably cut my hair more than once a year.
  10. My stomach will never be flat. (Okay, I’ve had this revelation many times in my life- but nothing rubs this fact in more than looking down at a little tummy-jiggle as you run more than 5 miles more than 5 times per week.)

And certainly there are more.

But I am going to tell you about my revelations of this particular run.

I am a lazy-hill-runner. And I do not want to be. Any more.

I figure there are a few ways to “run hills”. I am sure that folks have all sorts of advice on how to tackle this excruciating activity.

Here are the ways that I have approached hills since I started running.

At first I ran so slow that I just ran the hills at about the same pace. It was all slow. Seriously slow. I am not exaggerating. I was just trying to get the hang of it, and it worked best for me to go continuous and slow instead of running then walking then running some more.

Later, I began to pick up the pace (a little) and the hills totally intimidated me. Plus, I had my gps watch by then and would look down and notice that I COULD be walking this hill faster than I was actually running it. So, walk I did. So, I walked almost every hill.

Then I started running in races, along with others, and I really didn’t want to walk. For a couple of reasons. One- no one else was. Two- it was killing my time and not allowing me to reach my goals. And I have a good friend who has always just flat-out tackled the hills. And if she can do it, well, so can I…right? So, I started running the hills again. But very slowly.

Or avoiding them altogether.

Then I ran in the Mebane on the Move 10K a couple of weeks ago. It was hilly. Really, really hilly. Mountainous, you may say (or at least, I may say). And I had a goal. And I was going to make it. And I DID!! I pushed up those hills and maintained my 10-ish minute/mile pace. It felt so good.

Until the next day, but that’s another story.

So now I am trying to really, truly run my hills. And I can tell that this is something new by the way it’s truly pushing my muscles to the limit. But it feels good.

And I have a time goal in mind for my next half marathon. And I don’t want to let any hills get in the way.

Are you a runner? How do you tackle the hills? Or whatever you feel like may be a weakness in your running routine?

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Hey there.

So, the weekend is coming to an end. I hope it was a good one for you.

For me, it was good-n-fast. It involved a lot of football, some soccer, some running, some shopping, and some laundry (of course).

Thursday was a tailgate at NC State in Raleigh. It was fairly low-key because, well, it was Thursday.

Let’s just say that I tried to take advantage of the less-crazy atmosphere…

IMG_0600I also apparently forced Shaun to take a picture with me, resulting in this…

P1030182I swear, he really does love me!! 🙂 (Please ignore the bra strap…I would say that I was being trendy, or something, but really, it was just too hot to wear the cotton cardigan thingy I had to put on over my tank top)

The game was fine- I’ll admit that I get bored about halfway through a football game. They last a long time. I get tired. I get too full to eat any more snacks. I wish for my bed. That kind of thing.

But this was awesome…

P1030211I love crowd tricks. This one was particularly awesome, because of the sentiment. I am always amazed that they can get all those drunken students to flip their cards over at the right time.

On Friday, us parents were tired (from our big football outing the night before), so we broke out the big guns.

And by big guns I mean bouncy house. Naturally.


It resulted in a lot of fun for the kiddos that involved very little work on my part. Thereby resulting in an early bedtime for all.





Saturday, there was more football. Live and in person. This time we took Hobbes with us. To Chapel Hill- TAR!! HEELS!!! Anyway. It really went something like this…


But we had a good time. And he got to drink Sprite. Which to him is like getting away with something really, really good. And that’s all that matters.

And then this morning I ran 7 miles. And had some running revelations. And said some serious prayers/had my personal church around 5-6 miles. The running revelations will be…um…revealed tomorrow. The prayers? They’re personal. Personal-ish. Well, who am I kiddding? I’m almost sure I’ll share those, too.

For now, I think I’ll put on all three of my new pairs of running socks and my new six-dolla leggings (from Target!) and pretend to read while I fall asleep sitting up.


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So, sports exhaust me.

And I don’t even play them.

I am not what I’d call a team player. Not really, anyway.

And I’ve tried.


This is what we’ve been up to since Thursday.




…and it has made me tired.

So, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, after my 7 mile run.

Or I’ll die running my 7 miles in such an exhausted state and you’ll never hear from me again.

If that happens, please make sure that someone comes over here and clips my boys fingernails in my absence.

Oh, and the homemade pickles, jellies, and relishes are in the cabinet over the washer and dryer. Be sure to get some.

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