Yesterday, we had the “big” ultrasound.

IMG_2832(A family affair)

The anatomy ultrasound is REALLY all about looking at and measuring all the little bits and pieces of your baby to make sure he/she is developing “correctly”.

And our little baby is the definition of perfection. We feel so lucky and so relieved. I didn’t realize how much I needed this reassurance until it was over and we were assured that we had another perfect little baby. Believe me, I know we are lucky.

Admittedly, though, one of the most exciting piece of information that comes from this scan (if you are non-waiters, like us) is finding out the gender of your little one.

For me, this means I can really “get started”. On what? I am not sure. On names, on shopping for clothes, on just IMAGINING what life will be like in 4-5 months for this crazy house.

And once I found out I felt like I was on the downside of an adrenaline rush. I felt like I just wanted to go to sleep. But that’s because I am a worrier and I think that I didn’t sleep well for about a week prior to this appointment. My own issues, I think…

So, anyway, post-ultrasound Shaun and I have always gone out and bought our first little piece-of-clothing for the new baby. We did it with Hobbes (he got a polar bear t-shirt). We did it with Finn (he got a fairly useless but VERY cute fuzzy fleece jacket). And we did it yesterday. With the current kiddos in tow.

IMG_2833(Shaun’s choice- Finn helped with the pants!)

IMG_2834  (Finn’s choice)


(Hobbes’ choice)


Yes, sir. We are having another boy!

That’s three.

We are nothing if not consistent.

And apparently Shaun is strong with the “Y”.

And we are all SO EXCITED!

Boys RULE!


I would love to say that I am answering a question that had been posed to me by my many, many, thousands of adoring fans…but really, I am just rambling a bit about what I think people might wonder, when they see me wrangling my two boys in Target and then look up and notice that I am going to have ANOTHER ONE!

There are obviously a lot of reasons that folks decide to have babies.

And, obviously, some babies aren’t exactly planned.

Little old baby number three…he/she was a decision.

A decision that came AFTER the decision to NEVER have another baby.

As in, we sold/gave away most baby things. We had labeled and moved boxes of baby clothes into the attic, and then stacked many things on top of and around these boxes to make them nearly impossible for us to get to and drag down. We love my 4Runner and had decided never to get a minivan, or the like. We liked our household (human) ratio- two parents to two children. We like our house, with three bedrooms. We almost threw up when we had to buy FOUR plane tickets to New York last year to go visit my dad. That’s a lot of plane tickets, not to mention a lot of luggage now that you have to pay to check bags.

So, what I’m saying is, we were a totally happy family. And still are (of course).


So, why the big decision?

Well, all of the sudden, it just seemed like it was time to talk about it, just one more time. I had all sorts of random (sort of scary at the time, but now that they are over it all seems like it was okay) health issues with my baby-making-parts last fall. We thought for a minute that maybe someone would tell us that we COULDN’T have another baby. So, of course, we decided that maybe we wanted another one.

And I am one of three children (Shaun is an only child, so he’s totally out of the water with any number of siblings), so in the back of my mind, three was always kind of the “normal” number.

And, admittedly, I watch a lot of television shows that involve grown up families spending time at their parent’s houses for various reasons and it always looks like more fun when there are a WHOLE LOT of folks there for holidays, etc.

Plus, we didn’t have any more babies around our house. And we like babies (remind me of this when I am not sleeping anymore come November).

Hobbes will make an excellent older brother.

Finn will make an excellent older brother, AND he already seems to have the middle child role kind of down, to be honest.

Obviously, I was never going to actually get rid of all the baby weight I put on with both of my other babies, so why not do it all over again.

I am sort of kidding on that last one.

I enjoy being pregnant. Or, I should say, I ENJOYED being pregnant. I won’t lie, pregnant at 35 is different than pregnant at 29. But I still like it.

And that’s good, because I definitely am.

Pregnant that is.

And, 18 weeks in, I can already barely see my feet.


Yeah, as I’ve mentioned to some friends, third pregnancies ain’t no joke.


This was Hobbes on the first day of Kindergarten…


And this was Hobbes on the LAST day of Kindergarten…


I can’t believe he is so big. Ridiculous.

one, two, three…

I figure it’s not even worth apologizing for my absence. So, let’s just get to it!

One- I made this Strawberry Pretzel Salad for a cookout that we had this weekend. I had been craving a similar desert that my Nana used to make when I was little. Since Nana could have been Paula’s sister (in looks AND demeanor), I trusted Paula Deen to give me a good recipe. She didn’t disappoint. There is no picture because it may or may not already be gone.DSC_9171

Two- I am turning 35 this week. I am not one to be bothered by birthdays or the fact that they signify that I am, indeed, one year older. I tend to celebrate my birthday for at least a week every year. I will admit that I think that 35 sounds pretty adult, though. And I would say that I probably look 35. I mean, I certainly haven’t been carded in several years. Except by a guy who told me (when I thanked him profusely for being so kind as to make my day by carding me) that they carded everyone. So, about looking my age, yeah…I’m not really sure how I feel about that. DSC_9160 (2)

Three- That is how many children we will have by Thanksgiving.


Kilgariff, Party of Five…coming your way mid-November, 2012.

a newfound love…

Yesterday I tried something new.

It’s something that I have wanted to try for a long time, but it always seemed a little…luxurious.

Then I decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

(The fact that is was offered for free this week didn’t hurt, either)


Let me introduce you to the Express Lane at Harris Teeter.

Or, probably, you already know about it and use it.

But I am always behind.

So, now I am introduced. And it was love at first order.

Oh yes.

I went online. I searched for my items and made my list. I selected my pick-up time. I went about my day. I picked up Hobbes at school. Then I picked up my groceries. All without getting out of the car.

And only interacting with one person at the grocery store.

Then I came home and unloaded my trunk.


And did I mention that there was minimal human contact?

I also should add that they were out of a few items.

But to remedy this, the nice lady called me on the phone and told me, then I got to tell her if I wanted to replace them with different items, get a raincheck (if they were on special), or just leave them off my order.

And let me tell you, even if I had paid the small fee (I think it’s 4.95 per “visit” or there is also a monthly option), it would have saved me money. Because I would have probably gotten a coffee (there is a Starbucks in my Harris Teeter). And when the items were not there, I would have decided to get ice cream, or something like that, just to make up for fact that they were out of the beans that we had on the list.


Plus, by the time I got the groceries home, it was like someone had given me several bag of presents. It’s not like I really remembered what I had put on my list that morning. Grocery Christmas!!

So, I truly believe that it saved us money.

I KNOW that it saved my sanity (no three year old running wild in the aisles).

And did I mention that it kept me from having to really interact with people?

I feel like I am trying to figure out how to leave my house less and less.

I say it’s to save money, get more done around the house, and spend more time with Finn that doesn’t involve him sitting in a cart/running around a store.

But really, I think I’m a little anti-social. And I like to sit on the couch.

So, I am going to keep it up, I think.

Finn demands, though, that I tell “the lady” to bring him a cookie. That’s really what he misses about going into the store!

Up until last week, I had a son who was creeping up on being 3 and 1/2 who continuously told me:

“Mama, I will have a paci and wear diapers FOREVER!”

I giggled. But deep down, I really thought he might.

And since he’s the baby, I kind of (KIND OF) thought it was okay.

But then I started thinking about the fact that he would HAVE to be potty trained to go to any kind of school next fall.

And really, he needs to go to some kind of school.

We both need him to.

Of course, he thinks that he is going to go to his big brother’s school. Which he cannot do until he is 4 (and he misses that dreaded school-cut-off by over a month). So, he’ll be super sad when he has to go somewhere else. But, thank goodness, that’s another story for more than 6 months from now.


Last Friday Finn woke up with a dry diaper. Now, it took my first-born about another whole year AFTER he was potty trained to go all night with a dry diaper (which we slept in until we had that down, because who has the energy to change sheets daily?!!?? anyone??!!). So, I took it as a sign.

And we took off the diaper and went to the bathroom.

There was crying. Yelling. Screaming. Shaking. Fear. Terror. Anger. And a lot of it.

Then he tinkled in the potty.

Then he smiled and said

Mama, this is the best day EVER. Don’t I get M and M’s?”

And that was about it. No accidents. No more drama. Diaper at night, underwear during the day.


Toy Story undies helped us along.

And we put stickers on a paper every time we went potty until it was full.

The full sticker page resulted in a “big prize”.


A new game for his DS.

Now, this is slightly shocking to me on many levels.

1. My 3 year old son has a DS.

Rationale: if he doesn’t have what his brother has he will either steal or break his brothers “thing”.

2. He knew EXACTLY which DS game he wanted. Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Apparently this game was advertised on the instruction page of his Toy Story game. Obviously.

3. Hobbes, my first born, got a Thomas Train when he got his first sticker page filled for potty training. That was what he played with. He was so sweet and YOUNG.

4. Second children (and probably all after that) are just something else.


Now, in full disclosure I feel like I should tell you that Finn probably WILL have his paci forever. At least in his bed. I’ll take off diapers, but I won’t mess around with kiddos who sleep all night with a paci!

last week…

I realized that my youngest needed a haircut.


Sometimes it takes a 3 year-old with a pebbles-pony-tail for me to see what’s right in front of me.

He acts like he has nerve endings in his hair, so I wait too long every time.



My oldest lost his first tooth.


He actually swallowed it. At snack time at school.

I thought about looking for it, if you know what I mean.

You’ll be glad to know that I didn’t. I didn’t actually search.

I may have glanced in the toilet, though.

I mean, if it had been RIGHT THERE maybe I would have…

But it wasn’t.

So I didn’t.


I saved time! And water! Conservation abounds!

Oh, I forced them to take a bath together again.




I don’t know if we’ll do it again anytime soon.


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